We are entrepreneurs from Spain and the USA who live and work in Miami. Seven years ago we identified how hard it was to find good, healthy, and fresh food for the meetings held by the Miami Corporate work force. We decided to cater to the Corporate world with a fresh and excellent delivery service. For the past seven years we have been present in 6,200 corporate meetings, providing a professional, punctual and fresh food delivery service for over 320 Corporations organizing meetings at their offices.

Mama's has risen the bar in terms of service and quality, acknowledging the importance of serving Breakfasts, Lunches, Breaks and Dinners at prices that Corporations can afford when organizing their meetings. "Quality, Punctuality, Presentation and Reliability" is our mantra .

If you have attended a business meeting in Miami for the last 6 years there is a big chance that you were one of the 16,000 professionals that tasted our food and service. We'll keep working hard to provide such an important service for the Corporate work force.